Smart Ways to Remove Stubborn Jar Lid


Irrespective of age, everyone at a point faced a trouble while opening a jar lid of pickles, jams or whatsoever the edible or inedible products lid it is. Everyone had their own strange story behind opening a jar lid.

Stubborn Jar Lid

In some stubborn jar lids, the result is in vain though on applying much effort to open. So, here we are mentioning some smart ways to remove the stubborn jar lids by merely using some home based products.

Use warm water to remove a stuck lid:

To remove a stuck lid, you only need some warm water. Place the jar lid under the faucet of hot running water for at least 30 seconds. Hot water makes the metal lid to expand and makes it easier to remove.

Alternatively, you can place the jar upside down in a bowl of hot water if your kitchen has no faucet.

Hair Dryer makes hassle free

Our main goal is to slightly heat the lid to expand, so here hair dryer reduces our effort. Blow the hot air from the hair dryer over the lid for nearly a minute. This thermodynamics process helps in removing the lid easier.

Silicon trivet

Most of the jars have slick metal lids, so you can use a silicon trivet or a textured towel/hanky over the lid for better grip and friction while rotating it to open. Always prefer to rotate the lid in clockwise direction.

Butter knife or Spoon

One can also use any thin narrow like object such as butter knife or a spoon from kitchen to remove the lid. Just make knife or spoon to slide under the lid and gently force the lid outward enough to break the seal.

Give it a last chance in your try, because a small error in the above practice makes a big loss.