Twitter attracts average 243,000 viewers in National Football League livestream


Online social networking site Twitter grabbed average of 243,000 viewers to NFL(National Football League) livestream of the New York Jets triumph over the Buffalo Bills. This is for the first time the social media platform has broadcasted an NFL game.


This event got lot of appreciations from Twitter users and media experts noted that NFL deal helps the microblogging site to maintain its position as a venue for live video.

But still, the Twitter audience was only a fraction of the average of 15.7 million people watching across television and digital platforms, according to NFL data of the game, which the Jets won, 37-31.

Twitter’s deal with NFL is a plus point as sports fans increasingly depends on the internet to watch video at the expense of traditional cable and satellite connections, according to a report.

The microblogging platform struggled hard to increase the user growth and advertising competition, and livestreaming the games offer a new avenue to grab more users as the platform tries to catch up with competitors such as Facebook.

Few big brands which ran video ads during the game’s livestream – Ford Motor Co, Bank of America Anheuser-Busch InBev SA and Verizon Communications.

The microblogging platform is the second tech company to livestream an NFL game. Earlier, in October, Yahoo livestreamed a game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills in London, according to a report.