How to get rid of your tanned skin


Have you enjoyed your vacation? You might have explored wonderful places and had an awesome experiences! Now take a look at your mirror. Compare your skin before and after your trip. Yes! Definitely you will find difference. You probably see some uneven skin tone or some dark areas on your skin.

tanned skin

Don’t worry! You could bring back your original tone by following some effective methods for quick results:


Lemon is a key element in curing sun tanned skin as it has natural bleaching properties. Apply table spoon of lemon juice on the affected areas of skin. Also, you can mix some honey in lemon juice to get fair skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a magical ingredient that quickly lightens the skin just within 7 days. If the gel applied daily on the areas of tanned skin, it helps to recover skin and as wekk helps to cleanse and nourish the skin.


Raw potato is another effective solution to get rid of tanned areas on your skin. As it is rich in vitamin C and works as a natural bleach. It effectively helps to soothe sunburns.


Mix Besan, Milk and turmeric and apply this paste on your face. It is the best application for your face that removes tan on your face and bring back your radiance. Apply this twice in a week for better results.


Apply honey on tanned areas. Honey is an effective beauty solution that has the power to let your skin become smooth and shiny. You can directly apply honey on your face and it helps to nourish and increase the structure of your skin.


Tomato is the best solution to remove dark spots and pigmentation. It is a natural toner that enhances skin tone naturally. It also helps to shrink open pores and reduce oilness of the skin.