Pokemon Go to launch in birthplace of Pokemon ‘Japan’


Powerful augmented reality game ‘Pokémon Go’ is finally going to be launched in homeland of Pokemon phenomenon, Japan tomorrow(Wednesday).

Pokemon go
Pokemon go to be release in the hometown of pokemon

This mobile game had turned the fate of Nintendo business where it has doubled the value of Nintendo’s market, sources told TechCrunch. However, Niantic, which is the firm behind the title not yet responded for Techcrunch request for comment.

The game was currently available in over 30 countries, including Canada, much of Europe, the U.S etc. But Japan has been left so far off the list.

Japanese Pokemon lovers were failed to get this game as the servers aren’t good enough to handle this game, Niantic’s CEO told earlier.

That news upset many true Pokemon addicts, but Niantic – which found the popularity of the game tried to sort out this issue.

John Hanke, Niantic CEO told that they want to ensure servers need to withstand the demand that the Japan launch is sure to generate. He further added that they expect to release by the end of the July.

But good news for Japanese people that tomorrow has been marked as release date, so there is no need to wait for long to watch Pokémania hit Japan.

Beyond this incredible craze adoption, Pokemon Go Japan’s launch will be notable for another reason that it had partnered with McDonald’s to turn 3,000 restaurants across Japan into gyms for trainers to battle over.