University of Waikato announces Doctoral Scholarships 2017


University of Waikato announced Doctoral Scholarships 2017 for students who are willing to pursue Doctor of Philosophy or a Doctor of Musical Arts, and in part 2 only a Doctor of Education or a Doctor of Juridical Science programs for the academic year 2017.

Doctoral Scholarships 2017
Details of scholarship:

The University will provide scholarship up to $22,000 per annum.

Students can avail scholarship monthly i.e. in installments, and the domestic tuition fees for enrolment in the doctoral program during the term of the scholarship.

For approved part time students, the living allowance will be paid on a pro-rata basis.

Eligibility Criteria:

Doctoral Scholarships 2017 is open to New Zealand citizens, international students, and permanent residents.

University will consider scholarship application after the applicant received an offer to study for a doctoral qualification at the University of Waikato.

How to Apply?

Students can apply online for this scholarship.

Selection procedure:

Applicants must have a good academic merit, with a minimum grade average of A–(over the previous two years of full-time study).

Other factors such as references, prior research, publications, and work experience will be considered.

Important Dates:

Last date for applying: October 16, 2016

Application Advice:

Prepare a cover letter and/or CV

Students must prepare a cover letter and/or CV as it provides a good impact for the management.

As university receives high number of applications, applicants must put some extra effort into your cover letter and/or CV can make your application stand out the selection panel.

Prepare your referees carefully

Students must prepare referees carefully. The selection panel will take into consideration what referees say about students.

If an applicant is applying for more than one scholarship, make sure that your referees tailor their references for each scholarship.

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